Prime wafers is a semiconductor wafers and service provider in the Netherlands.


The wafers that we can offer:

*Silicon wafers: CZ and FZ, 1 to 6 inch, as cut, lapped, etched, SSP, DSP, almost any orientation, off cut, high and low resistivity, etc.

*Sapphire wafers: 2 to 6 inch; A-plane, R-plane, M-plane, C-plane, epi-polish, fine ground, etc.

*SiC wafers: 2 to 4 inch.4H-N, 6H-N, 6H-SI, etc.

*Glass wafers: Fused Silica, Borofloat, B270 etc.

*Single crystal quartz wafers: 2-6 inch, X-cut, Y-cut, Z-cut , etc.


In addition, with full access to productional enviroment (Class-100 and Class-10,000 cleanrooms) and tools, our own process team offers the services of:

*Single step processes, such as thin film deposition, patterning, etching, diffusion, dicing,etc.

*Small scale production of Bi-Polar, CMOS and MEMS devices.



Contact us for details.