* Single step processes

* Small scale production, prototype, test run of Bi-polar, CMOS and MEMS devices




* Materials: Silicon, glass

* Diameter: mainly 100mm. For some processes, other dimensions are possible.


Processes (mainly on new 100mm wafers):

* Photolithography: Stepper and contact aligners

* Plasma etch: Poly, Metal, Oxide

* DRIE: Si

* Wet etch: Si, Oxide, Nitride, Resist, Al, Au etc.

* PVD: Al, Cu, Au, Cr, Si, Ni, Fe, Mo. etc,

* PECVD: Oxide, Nitride, SiC, etc

* Ion implantation: B/Phos/As/Sb (annealing needed after process)

* Si Epi on silicon: Dopant Boron, Arsenic, Phosphorus (on 4 inch silicon wafers only)

* Furnaces: Thermal oxide (wet, dry), Low stress nitride, Doped Polysilicon (N-Phos), Undoped Polysilicon, TEOS, SiC, Alloy, Annealing, etc.

* Cleaning: masks, wafers (limited to wafers in process).

* Metrology: SEM, CDSEM, Particle count, Wafer thickness, Sheet resistance, Thin film thickness

* Dicing: up to 6 inch, 1 mm thickness, sIlicon, glass, sapphire, ceremic, etc. (CL10000)


Quick delivery:

For single step processes or services, thin film or thin film+dicing, we in general guaranttee less than 2 weeks delivery.



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